Leader, synonymous to Imran Khan

Leader, a definition fit for one, Imran Khan. I have hardly seen anyone so sincere and committed to ones countrymen and country. One who fights with his will and words to save his nation and people. Despite his circumstances Imran Khan has truly shown his spirit of being a leader. After his horrific fall at a rally in Lahore, he lies injured in the ICU and yet address the masses. He asks them to come up and cast their vote to direct their destiny. He quotes the verse from the Quran “… Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves…” [13:11] to encourage them to come out take part in a New Pakistan. Have a say to change the future and the lives for their children to vote for PTI. For those who claim that he had to address the people or would have been overrun by disappointed supporters, no one lies injured, tired and out of shape in a hospital bed and address a nation. No one.

His views and words to empower the people and the nation sweep ones patriotism to raise him to a status of ones leader. His strength to answer back to seemingly pressure questions by the foreign media pulls up ones courage. His drive to move on forward and address the people with every ounce of energy is stupefying. He is indeed a leader, one who won us the World Cup, one who fought against odds to stand up SKH and give free treatment to the poor, one who has campaigned at successive rallies, one who has vowed to flip the coin and bring pride to our name.

Everyone has had their chance, it is now time for change. Time for the nation and not those who rule it. Imran Khan has given power to the people. That’s who a leader is, one among the people, a fighter on all fields, defending his nation. he has brought us victory in the past so what makes you think he won’t now? Vote for Imran Khan, vote for PTI. Imran Khan is a True Leader.


The Love and Mercy of Allah

Bismillah Hirahmaan Nirraheem. In the Name of Allah The Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

In a hadith Qudsi, Allah (‘Azza wa Jalla) says:
O son of Adam, so long as you call upon Me and ask of Me, I shall forgive you for what you have done, and I shall not mind.
O son of Adam, were your sins to reach the clouds of the sky and were you then to ask forgiveness of Me, I would forgive you and I would not mind.
O son of Adam, were you to come to Me with sins nearly as great as the earth and were you then to face Me, ascribing no partner to Me, I would bring you forgiveness nearly as great as it.”

Can one measure the love Allah has for us? The love and mercy He has bestowed upon us? That no matter how many sins we commit HIS mercy will always be upon us. That no matter how bad we do, we will always have HIM to forgive us.

Allah’s word brings us at peace. We are human, we err, we sin, we try and try but often fail again. Allah Azz’ zawa jal loves those who strive to walk the righteous path. HE loves those who fall but stand up again in shame realizing their mistake. He loves those who believe in HIM to be the One True Deity. Those who look up to Him with recognition of their Lord, knowing HE will always be there for them.

Us as people, when we commit a sin and realize our mistake, we look for someone whom we can confide in and apologize to. To be free of the burden we carry of our transgressions. We run to find peace of heart from the guilt and shame in our hearts. We run to those whom we know will listen to us, will support us and will be there for us, generally speaking it being our parents or spouses. But if one realizes that they too are human and that they may not be always there for us. They might not forgive us for a wrong doing; they may not always be with us through our lives to be a comfort to lean against; or they may unintentionally hurt us.

Allah, only Allah will always be there for us. No matter how bad we are, how many sins we commit, how damned and undeserving we believe our selves to be; but that one belief of Allah… that will be our light. It will be our guide, our help. Allah will never give up on us, Allah will always give us a chance. It is up to us to take that second chance and stand up. Stand up and please HE who created us, HE who has promised to always be there for us, HE who says that despite HIS anger HIS mercy will always be Greater. We should use the tongue HE created to praise HIM, the body HE gave us to prostrate to HIM, the eyes HE gave us to cry for HIM.

Allah will always do everything for us, why don’t we spend our lives doing everything for HIM. Our Lord, our Creator, our Provider, our Sustainer. You will NEVER find yourself alone, you will always have Allah. Allah is our One True Strength, our Comfort and our Security.

Allah, our Lord, our Maula. HIS mercy prevails and HIS support will never deter, HE will always be there for you HE will always forgive you if you come to HIM with a true heart and repentance. HE will always be there for you. Believe in Allah and Trust in Him. When you have no where to go, you always have a  way back to Allah. HE will always find a way to bless us with HIS mercy.

Reported by Ibn Umar (RA): I heard Messenger of Allah (PBUH) saying, “A believer will be brought close to his Rubb on the Day of Resurrection and enveloping him in His Mercy, He (SWT) will make him confess his sins by saying: `Do you remember (doing) this sin and this sin?’ He will reply: My Rubb, I remember.’ Then He (SWT) will say: I covered it up for you in the life of world, and I forgive it for you today. Then the record of his good deeds will be handed to him”.
[Bukhari and Muslim].

How do you define Virtual Networking / Socialism?

I was asked this question on formspring quite a while ago and thought it would be good for both you and me if I shared it. Your feedback and comments will be appreciated. I could have written more but time has locked me. Hope to hear from you —— How do you define Virtual Networking / Socialism? Is it good for us? What will be the side effects / impacts on our real life? Brief description / definition will be appreciated. Social Networking is a platform to communicate with people globally. Sometimes in the real world connecting to other people is more of a challenge unless you are that jolly and extrovert type. To be able to approach people, have a conversation, find each other’s similarities is not as easy. Social networking has made all that easier, the reasons why is something I think about often. Maybe its easier for people to chat up without feeling weird or perhaps they like the shield that the the screen gives them. They can choose to be themselves or someone else, either way, they communicate and connect. Considering if its good for us, everything in this world has pros and cons similarly so does social networking. Social networking is platform to globally connect, to be able to see beyond differences, to find people with the same interests. Other than that it provides better communication and connection for businesses too but lets not get into that. The cons however i believe are greater. Since we sit behind a shield we do not know if the person we are talking to is who we think he/she is. We believe what they make us believe, we trust them for who the pose to be. Trust without thought leads to many problems even in the real world and through social networking it is a greater problem one that leads to fraud, deception etc. Now to see this in the light of Islam, Islam has asked to refrain from communicating with the opposite gender unless necessary. Talking about reasons why is another topic altogether. Also Talking a lot isn’t much preferred, as [1] The Prophet advised us in a hadith related by at-Tirmidhiyy: which means: “The one who adheres to the lengthy silence (except from that which is good) will be saved on the Day of Judgment.” In the hadith related by al-Bayhaqiyy, the Prophet said: which means: “You shall be saved as long as you are silent, for if you speak, it will either be in your favor or stand against you.”  [1] An interpretation of a hadith related by al-Bayhaqiyy, the Prophet said: “You shall be saved as long as you are silent, for if you speak, it will either be in your favor or stand against you.” [1] Another interpretation by Ibn Abid-Dunyia related the Prophet, sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam, said: which means: “One can greatly beautify himself with two habits–good manners and lengthy silence.] That is so because talking and communicating a lot lead to gossip, and gossip is one of the major sins in Islam. Once we begin talking we don’t think twice about what we are saying or who we are talking about and social networking is the HUB of all that. Ergo, social networking is majorly wrong in Islam than right. We can use it for good purposes such as spread knowledge about Islam, give Dawah, help Muslims etc but we often use it for personal purposes such as talk to friends, gossip, make new contacts all among whom we communicate with the opposite gender, become friends etc. in conclusion the cons outweigh the pros. Lastly, how it impacts our real life, for me there are no pros about it. We have become lazy, stopped socializing and spending time in the real world, are not able to give as much time to family and friends around us as we should, are more keen on knowing and talking to the people online, indulge in pointless gossips etc. Social Networking is a means of communication and carries good and bad both. If one is on social networks, its best to set limits for ones self and remain within the boundaries of Islam firstly and then your own. If I have been a part of anything that has caused me to backbite or do or say wrong, May Allah forgive me. May Allah forgive us all, May HE Guide us on the righteous path and utilize our means of communication and technology in a more productive way to benefit ourselves and Islam.  Wrong doings are never far behind, they chase you and tempt you. One should keep strong and fight them off, purify ones self and influence others for the best Refrences 1. http://www.alsunna.org/forum/index.php?topic=63.0 (This could have been longer, but whatever 15 minutes allowed me :P) —— Link to question: http://www.formspring.me/mariayousuf/q/280248208158898083

25th April 2010 You Are Not

When I whispered my secrets, it felt like they got lost in space. There is no significance in your life; nothing matters deeper than shallow, nothing remains longer than a moment, you live oblivious to depth and feeling, to details and meanings. Its a good thing we are no longer close or I would have found that i am attached to a hollow soul.

You are not the kind of friend I want much less need. You are the exact opposite of it. Life to you is nothing, and there is so much more to it than the way you see it. Life has meaning and feelings, friendships and relations and they are meant to be kept and remebered, not forgotten and abandoned. If i choose never to say hello to you again, you will never even remember I had been there. You wont forget; people who make an impression in your life, who are recognized to have been there are the ones who are remembered or forgtten. I was just the passing season of last year, one that came and has now gone, without presence felt or missed, without memories having been built or ever having been lived. I am just a season past.

You are not the friend I want…And so today I shall vow to never say hello and bury all I thought I knew. I’ll let you dissolve and never remember anything at all…

You Are Not The Friend I Want

5th April 2010 Blank

Not enjoying my current flow of thoughts…there arent any. I wish to write but nothing speaks to be written. My mind is as blank as a winter sky and barren as an abandoned cave. I am usually inspired by words, they own depth that i surface;   feelings, they are shared and i spell the connection; thoughts, they are the level of understanding and i exhibit mine; and images, they speak all the above and i translate. Unfortunately at the moment niether inspiratioins are striking me, so i am sitting with an aborted short story and trying to complete its hollow body. The begining and end has already been typed, its what occurs between that is most difficult to figure out.

4th April 2010 A Year Ago

It comes as a surprise to me how times and relations change. Last year this exact day, i was really close to on of my best friends. I would tell and ask everything, share every breath taken and words spoken, ask every confusion and ignorance, seek all answers and comfort. I was so attached that I had wished to spend every moment with. As for a year later, today, i wish no such wish, i dont act the same, i dont talk the same. Our lives have diverged, we barely talk and seems like if niether of us attempt to say a hello we never may. Its so strange how one so close becomes one so far. How the one whom your life revolved around is no longer a part of your universe. How bonds break and how relations change. This exact day a year ago my life was dependent upon another and today i cant even recall how or why.


Why do we accuse the west when we are the ones who endorse their culture? Adopt liberal thoughts, mock their ways. Have relationships like it’s no big deal, walk hand in hand, wear revealing clothes; eat in accordance to THEIR etiquettes, (left hand). Dance among everyone shamelessly, entice the opposite gender? Why are their ways appealing to you? Why don’t YOU set examples for them to follow, turn around and make THEM choose modesty over vulgarity, choose the institution of lawful marriages instead of meaningless girlfriend and boyfriend relationships?

Why can’t we inspire them with our ways instead?