Crumbles on my Bed

I am Jeremy Spencer, a midnight owl; my sleeping routine has taken a graveyard shift. I spend 12 hours awake and the other 12 sleeping, 2 to 2.  Life has become meaningless, nothing left to do. I wander from room to room, hearing someone yell after me to do my chores, clean up my room, or do something…anything. I walk around ignoring the harsh way they state such simple asking, because I know I’ll do it if they don’t so rudely state it. My mind is mostly occupied with thoughts and insights playbacks and reviews. I tend to think a lot about what I know and what I don’t, what I am aware of and what I am ignorant of and so my persona. I am a silent mouse creeping around thinking about all I am able to think of. My favorite places to hide away in are dark corners, cupboards and beneath the bed. There I feel safe, away from all chaos and tension, oddly I feel protected. I could live there in solitary and for years to come if I hadn’t had the obligation of living my life in the world and answering to my parents calling me. No, I am not emo, just a loner. I enjoy things on my own. Probably because I believe that no one can entirely rejoice with you or stand up with and for you for eternity. Ah, well that’s how life is and it goes on. Well its past midnight, 2 to be exact. My bedtime is ringing me to come and sleep, the pack of crackers I ate is empty and my engrossed writing has resulted in a mess around me. My eyes are groggy and I am about to pass out cold in sleep but not before I brush the crumbles on my bed.


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