Murderer of Spontaneity

You murdered my spontaneity, never let me explore myself and pulled me down by your harsh words. When you are away I am vibrant, I am able to do all that you say I can’t. When you are here I become the person you say I am. I guess your presence just has those vibes, those that will pull me to the core and not let me fly and those that will slash away my optimism and set decrees. You are the murderer of my spontaneity, you broken belief. Broken belief in me and my abilities; broken belief in my vast thoughts and capabilities. I shall trash you and adopt faith, for I know that when you are gone I am wonderful and amazing, the person you will never see in me.

You always lead me down the path of low self esteem, insecurities and broken images. I need to live away from you and build myself. I know you’ll always be there but I shall always try to shun you away. I can do everything and I will prove it you oh broken belief. I know you don’t exude from within me but from those surrounding me yet still manage to seep through. Stay away, stay away broken beliefs for I am strong enough to support me and I shall prove to you everything you said I can’t be. Murderer of my spontaneity you broken beliefs.


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