Flawed Tea Set

We are all connected. Like a perfect set of tea cups and pot. We influence, inspire and build one another. We are responsible for how one of us grows up to be or what he/she holds deep. It’s those experiences we go through and memories we make, or the consequences we face and events we encounter that make us who we are, but none would ever happen if not acted upon by or with another.

The strength of faith, trust and beliefs are impacted and engraved by the relation we own with those who surround us. Despite the fact that we do help in forming another’s persona we never stop to think of our actions to have the best of impacts. We rarely think before our action, often act with incivility or hollow of empathy. Most of us are so engrossed within themselves that we fail to recognize another person’s current need of kindness, or polite talk and civility. Being submerged within ourselves is disappointingly egocentric, with the realization that with our attitude we could help someone, it is suggested that we do act in the best of etiquettes to do just that. We had quit being the center of our presence; there is more to being here and living than one’s own self. We all have a purpose, actually more than one I would say, and all to do with well being, helping and purity. Among those many purposes, one purpose of our entities is to spread goodness and be the best of humanity one can be, to smile and contribute well to another beings life. Drench yourself in that soft image of a person, the shining smile and polite words and etiquettes fine. Not only shall you soak all praises that will be poured your way but be able to rain the goodness of your soul to those whom you live among and those whom you come upon every day.

We are connected to one another, through life and its experiences, through words and actions, through consequences and results. We are a perfect tea set, serving a purpose and complementing one another. Should one be absent we shall be incomplete like a flawed tea set


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