Ugly and Beautiful

I am bored again, and one thing I noticed is that an empty head is a platform for ill thoughts. I am my worst when my mind is empty and dull well not entirely now since I am occupied in writing. Hmmm one thing that I was thinking a while ago, yes I was thinking a while ago, that’s how fast my mind disposes thoughts to be left cursedly empty, nevertheless I was thinking of others and my attitude. One female dog/wolf/fox in particular(whichever you prefer the worst). It’s like I know she doesn’t like me much, I don’t care in the least unless she takes her invisible atrocious actions way too far, so yeah she doesn’t like me and I am blank to knowing why. Whenever we meet I can feel the vibes of her enmity, it’s like a foul smoke of animosity comes out of her and she exudes such hatred ugh! I am so glad I am not like her, I mean when I wish her well I really do mean it, I don’t exhibit a foul attitude and dismiss all her atrocious behavior thinking that its only this once and we won’t be together often, but sometimes just sometimes her actions get to me and tick me off. Like what is your bloody problem???!!! And contrary to her inner self she is very attractive and pretty. Well this proves my theory that a person’s inner beauty outshines their outer beauty. Beauty to me is beauty of your demeanor, your soul and your entity. I mean you wouldn’t want a handsome jackass, I would settle with an amiable mule lol.


One thought on “Ugly and Beautiful

  1. Lol, you made me smile from this article =P specially the ending is very awesome =P i hope so that you will stick to your words of settling up with a mule =P but the thing is, the girls with pretty faces generally get jealous from the girls taking hijab,so its not a big deal,stick to your plans =]

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