One Word…

Love, a word with so many definitions that it could surpass your thoughts, a placeholder for so many emotions and sentiments, spoken or silent. A million things you could compare it to and a million others who would compare it to you. Love can be defined in ways more than one, hold definitions for innumerable sentiments. Love is kindness and caring, it is passion and attraction, it is loyalty and trust, it is faith and belief, it is thankfulness and being grateful, it is kinship and stability, it is devotion and attachment, it is understanding and support, it is security and protection and it is much more. These are only a few among the many love a person can give and receive. Love, one word; unidentified, for no words can confess or express; identified for it is owned infinitely. An uncovered mystery, open for the world to see yet hidden within the truth of those who hold it. Forever beguiling the universe is this one single word, Love. A placeholder, a definition, a sentiment or an expression, Love one word for all.


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