Life is a popularity Game

The world and the lives in it are a popularity game. History repeats but with a slight difference, unlawful actions are not bothered to be halted and murderers are permitted to tramp the globe. Acceptance of slayers is what’s different and that difference has taken toll because the leading nations are biased. The world is spinning on chaos and injustice. One half walks over the other and no one bothers to blink a tear or offer a word of defense and solace. We are cornered and the world keeps chocking us in further. An example of such injustice is the silence of the leading nation, USA, at the brutal actions of Israel against Palestine. Israel has surpassed the brutality of the Nazi, surpassed the injustice yet no one can raise a word against the violence.
A picture speaks a thousand words, and we have more than one to speak a million. Compare the past history of the most brutal event, the holocaust, to the present day affliction. Word to word, picture to picture, it’s the same. Nazis were condemned for their actions, derated and severely disliked. What difference lies in today? Why can’t someone stand up against Israel and call them out? Why can’t the so called “United Nations” be able to do something about it? Why? Because Israel has USA’s support and that is where we are outweighed, where our voices are cloaked and our protests shut out.
Despite of being outnumbered, we should link arm in arm and stand against this injustice, barrel it down and make the world realize and listen, to the injustice being done and woeful abandoned cries. I am a part of this and I shall battle it out, stand up under the straining pressure and win this war. If my voice will be shut out I shall scream louder, if my actions will be depicted false I shall go and tell them the truth, if injustice reins I shall dethrone it all with the help of ALMIGHTY ALLAH. ALLAH leaves none helpless; ALLAH will hear and help us. ALLAH shall help us fight this war and win, for HE is the One and Only who can, HE is the One and Only who can unite us and give us strength and help us in such hours of affliction. YA ALLAH, help us, unite us and give us strength to take up against this unjust world.


6 thoughts on “Life is a popularity Game

  1. I feel like I wrote it. The current situation of Muslims is very well portrayed in a very concise manner. One who are silent on Oppression are equally criminal as an Oppressor. We should not seek any ones help or whine for not having one but seek the help of ALMIGHTY ONE. ALLAH has left us on the mercy of gods on earth since we developed more fear of them than fear of HIM. HE has lifted all HIS mercy and all HIS blessings from Muslims. Millions pray in Mecca & Medina during Ramadan and at Haj time – crying, weeping and praying for Muslims’s success. But more decline. Have we ever thought why ALLAH is not with Muslims and not answering their prayers or not saving them from humiliation and persecution. The only reason is we are more Hypocrite than we are some Muslim. We have more fear of gods on earth than the ONE ALMIGHTY GOD. We live dual life and do all from which we were stooped and have stopped doing for which we were ordained to do. We had to practice Islam’s teaching and become a Role Model for mankind to follow – true Guiding Nation carrying Message of ALLAH as we promised him at Hajatul Wida (Arafat) that we will carry the message and deliver to those who were not present there. How well we have carried it and how we are delivering it. If mankind has not benefited from Islam; it is only because of Muslim. How ALLAH’s support and blessing will come for such a DOUBLE CRIMINALS – not following Islam and than becoming such a bad example of Islam Followers that World has not started hating Muslims but Islam. Pity, Islam is now Garib ul Watan, just like Palestinians. And we are silent and insensitive to this. How dare we watch the games and listen music when cancer has spread in whole body and our death is written on wall. When we will stop self-deception and fooling ourself when the world has declared as unwanted Fools. Teri Burbadi k Charchey hain Aasmanon pat There is a little grace period left for repentance and to have our house in order. When is Pakistan’s next match and when is second episode of Coke Studio? Tranquilizers for a dying nation and which is foolishly believing – We will miraculously rise and some Messiah will come for our rescue. ALLAH never help those who are their own enemies. And we don’t need any external threat. We are our own biggest Threat. There is no need for War Against Islam. Muslims are doing it at their worst. That is why it is slow death. Slow and painful. There is still grace period to survive and come out safe but are we going to avail it. That is more than Trillions dollar question. As the survival of whole mankind is linked to our fate. We may be the cause of – wind up of whole show on earth – THE END.

  2. “The world suffers a lot not because of the violence of bad people..but because of the silence of good people.”

    We are insulted because we gave everyone right to jump into our personal matters… everyone can insult if we work as individuals but the thing is that we have to be united as a nation… a nation of which Quaid e azam have dreamed of… nation which should work on Islamic principles… the moment we realize our Islamic values we don’t need any other help from that point.

  3. Sir, i agree with you through and through.We have become our biggest threat and we are the biggest hypocrites. I used t ponder on the thought often, why do people commit sucide attacks and force people to convert when it is not allowed in our religion and most of the times I got an answer in a negative.
    But then again I coudn’t help but see how others oppress us, there is a equal and opposite reaction to an ACTION, someone has to trigger the cause, someone has to provoke and only then do people scream out. True that we havn’t, or rather they(suicide attackers)haven’t chosen the right way to depict their disapproval of oppression, like blowing up building etc etc, but thinking through no one would cause chaos without a reason. Like the urdu saying goes “Dabti hui chunti bhi kaat leti hai”- Even an afflicted ant bites in the end, that is how i believe sucide attackers are born.
    On the other hand, i think of the suicide attacks in our own country and am at lost except for the thoght that it might be someone else causing such actions or revenge of some kind.
    I do not disagree with you i am just stating my follow up thoughts and trying to somwhow find a way into the thoughts of those muslims who have depicted islam ill.
    Also i would like to state that i concur with your statement that we muslims do not stad together and yet seek help from ALLAH, true but i also believe tha is is ALLAH who can bestow us with kinmanship and unity and thus will keep on paying to ALLAH for it

  4. @yousufrafi

    you are right about Islamic values, but here i am talking about the whole Islamic nation, not just pakistan…
    And your thuoght about the good people not speaking up, how would you reccomend them to speak up? The way people are speaking up nowadays is violent in its nature itself thus causing more violence. Despite the fact i agree with you on that part, i wish to hear your solutiion to it.

  5. now i am talking in general what image are Muslims portraying to the world… we have forgotten our values and then we expect from the world to have a matter image on us… we must revert back to our social, moral values taught by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)

    how good people speak… just three words “effective utilization of resources”… we use Facebook, Twitter and all the social media tools but for what… all for flirting right… now see this is how good people speak

    and yes this is what we are portraying to the world

  6. yes i did say muslims are protraying a negative image, but like i said earlier they have been provoked. And i hope ALLAH gies us as much patience to be able to remain calm like Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and not strike back or become violent. But that isnt reflected upon in todays world, people scream out to b heard and even then they are not…
    and yes Social networks are a good place to start.
    As far as pakistan is concerened, we are a broken nation, unity is becoming a problem and so i wish and pray to AAH to give us good leaders and better more patriotic citizens Ameen

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