A Masquerade…Or is it?

Why is it that when we write anonymous we write with freedom? Why is that hidden identity gives us more liberty? Why is it that when we wear a mask we are more ourselves? Have you ever wondered? I have…

I realized that often we hesitate to do things or say words thinking of how others might react. It’s the judgement and criticism, thoughts and comments that rebel against us. That is why we have secrets. Some people might say that they don’ t give s*** to what others say, well maybe they don’ t but a lot of others do. I see more people asking questions with ‘ anonymous’ than with their identity. We are afraid to show who we really are because we need to stick to the proprieties and restraints and even expectations. People think we mask ourselves when we hide our identity but I say we couldn’t be more ourself than we are then. It is not a masquerade we parade in, its the truth we exhibit. If you are hidden you can play any game and walk any plank, they wont know who you are, you can spill your filthiest crime or tell your deepest secret they won’ t know who you are. It be your secret one you tell to the world and it’ ll still be your secret when you have told it.

Will you tell me your secrets when you are invisible? I know I would.


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