Bullets for a Stone

That event is engraved so deep I cannot forget even if I try. It was brutality at its worst without an existing conscience.The Red mosque event an event I shall always remember.

A group of extremists were trying to force the people to follow actions that they considered acceptable in Islam and quit actions which they considered opposed the religion. I remember that they had had meetings to settle issues since they were becoming violent but unfortunately no pact was reached and the matter hung in the air unresolved. Despite the fact that they said they were in favor of the religion and wanted others to act accordingly their actions opposed the religion they were trying to spread. Islam is a message of peace and they inflicted violence, in Islam you cannot convert or force people at the tip of a sword and that’s what they did.You CAN NOT force people to do ANYTHING, you will only make them revolt. Try and make them understand try and show them what ore religion has to offer and why we are asked to action a certain way. In spite of the fact that most of us may be aware of the reasons, we need to be retold just to make it clear and be taught it over again, just so that we can see our religion and its purpose and its advantages in our life and just so that we can see what ALLAH wishes us to see. So yeah bottom line, it was a highly inappropriate way to act and the one who considers inflicting violence to have others follow their decree should think twice of the conflicting messages they are trying to convey.

On the other hand I think of the comeback by our government. Those people had had a motive, to make our country a Muslim country; to have it follow rules of the shari’ia though wrongly done their motive was pure. But how our government responded was way beyond unacceptable or inappropriate. You give people a deadline to get out of the mosque or be killed? Like WHO IN THE DAMED WORLD ARE YOU??!!! If they caused violence at a one level, you committed it on a GREATER level. You gave your word that you would slaughter whoever was in there KNOWING that the mosque was occupied by innocent children. I don’t care how many times you must have warned or how many times you had tried to reach an agreement, you KNWONGLY KILLED thus making you a murderer and in Islam murder is a crime of the highest sin. You have made our country a hypocrite. This country was born in the name of Islam and you have led it to ruins and corruption, look up the Quran, there it says that there are people who think they are doing for the better of the world yet they are doing the exact opposite. So what do you call this? Becoming liberal with clothes and uncensored movies? Allowing rules and actions contrary to our religion?  Not only have you extended acceptance to all that is unacceptable but you have also cold bloodedly slaughtered your own people. Where does that leave you? You didn’t get even, you got revenge and that makes you the gruesome monster in the end. I disagree with actions that had happened but I despise what you have done.

For a protest you stole their voices, for a wrong way to right…you killed them. If they were wrong you are worse. You fired bullets against stones.


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