Added Pain

Pakistan is drowned in floods, erupting with chaos and distraught with confusion. Among the clamor and trouble there are some people who couldn’t care less. Where the entire Pakistani population is striving for humanitarian efforts to help and save those affected by floods, there a few who have added to the pain.

Today a news surfaced that two boys of age 15 and 16 were brutally murdered in Sialkot. People reported them to have been thieves but had they proven it? You can never decree punishment unless the crime has been proven but in this case they did. Both the boys, one who was Hafiz-e-Quran, were brutally stoned and clubbed to death, then later were hung upside down. Can one be so cold hearted and stone that they don’t ache when children are being thrashed to death? There were many people who were there and were watching but not one protested against the brutality, NOT ONE! Those who beat the boys to death are sinners but those who didnt stop them are equal sinners; watching an inhumane act and not stepping up to stop it makes them an equal brutal murderer.

I don’t know which emotion colors me more, sadness or anger. I am aching thinking of the pain the boys must have gone through, how those stones would have hurt, how it must taken their last breath away. Lathered in blood, aching bones, bruised bodies and struggling breaths. It wrenches my heart thinking about it and they were so young. On the other hand rage has engulfed me. How can people stand there watching?! Are their hearts so cold and hard?! Can humans be so inhumane?! Did nothing cross their hearts?!!  I despise those who were present, I am enraged at those committed the murder. I don’t know if I should weep or harden my countenance, don’t know if I should say something or remain silent, don’t know if I should stand up to those people or let the authorities handle it.

I didn’t ask for more pain than what is hurting but I am aching with this added heart wrenching event.


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