Faith…a figment of thought, massless and hollow, born out of blind trust and belief, a gamble toward unknown prepositions, a chance at unseen structures. Built upon irrational thoughts and impractical actions, forwarded with testifying trust and strengthening means. Faith is nothing if we don’t own up to it with its literal meaning, the word itself requires its own meaning to step forward. No matter how perpetuous it may seem, it is strength. One that has me going, one that gives me hope and lets me hold on to it and one that testifies my beliefs. A figment of thought it may be, but that blind trust and belief goes a long way. It takes me to heights I am unable to imagine, it proves things illogically true and otherwise. It is what I have, what I was born to own and what I have been raised believing. I have faith, faith in ALLAH, faith in Islam, and faith that things are meant to get better. So go on saying all you want to say and go on trying to shatter it down and crumble its foundation, it wont fade as long it lives with its believers and I Am A Believer.


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