CNN: A Propaganda Against Muslims

I was flipping channels and chanced upon CNN. I decided to watch what’s going on in the world through their arena. The first news was U.S drone attacks in North Waziristan, Pakistan. A sum up of what was reported: U.S has increased its drone attacks due to growing plots against Europe in Pakistan. It is said that among 11 who were killed there were 5 Germans. Pakistan is being pressured to identify those 5 and asked to increase attacks against Talibans in North Waziristan. Pakistan says it isn’t possible because the military is busy with the flood victims…

What I think of it…You have made a damn Fucking EXCUSE! to destroy a country. What proof do you have that those people who you are Murdering had anything to do with what you think people are doing? What proof do you have that it is happening at all?! Remember Iraq? Remember? Where the Fucking hell are the ammunitions that were kept in warehouses? The ones you saw with a satellite? The ones you said pointed to the fact tat nuclear weapons were being created? The ones that you made an EXCUSE to destroy? Where the damn fucking hell are they?! That was your excuse, your excuse to annihilate an entire population. And now you have made this an excuse to FUCKING try and justify what you are doing. Reality…what you are doing is slaying innocent lives for your pleasure and because of your misapprehensions of a nation and its people. If I didn’t know better I’d say you are out to Destroy My Country! More than half among those whon you have mudred are innocent lives, caught in your commenced battle, dying because of your insanity. Your justification of your acts are not justified. You purpose is not proved. You are cold blooded slayers.

Report Number 2: A man Nadal something, has been alleged for 13 murders. He has said to have opened fire on 13 soldiers in Texas. One of them came out alive. This is his part of the story.”I was shot here,, and here. At first I didnt take it seriously but when two bullets hits me I realized I might Die. Soon I was face to face with the major and i was like SHIT! I am going to die.” But he came out alive. He rembers 5 years ago when he was in 7th grade on 9/11. that memory has been seared. It is a terrifying memory for him. “Every Night I have nightmares, I wake up in a  sweat and look around for all my friends and I realize okay its all okay.” Our people have been injured physically and mentally. they go through conselling to put that past behind them

Oh C’mon. You think that your attacks were any less.DAMN you have killed more people than count of your dead bodies! What about those who have lost their families and friend to your attacks? How about those others who have had their friends and families killed? Those others whose memories have been seared with you horrfic slaughters? Remember a story, where a 7 year old girl was shot with13! fucking bullets? The one who came in that DANGER ZONE? The one whom you identified as a scared child but yet shot holes on her like a paper with punched holes? Where was you major’s sanity then? Do you not see his brutality? Grown man, trained, shooting a mere child 13 times! You are worse than all, you are liars, cold blooded, slayers, hard, cynical, and brutal! You are running a propaganda, a propaganda against muslim, you poison minds and thoughts, you show only one side of the story. YOU DONT KNOW SHIT! AND THE SHIT YOU DO, YOU COVER IT UP WITH EXCUSES..And you know, among your military men a muslim soldier has spoken about it. He has said that in trining, a video is shown to soldiers that ignites hate against muslims, it shows Muslims to be unmerciful and brutal killers, it emotionally charges their anger and hatred against muslims. If this is not a propaganda against muslims WHAT IS IT???

CNN is a network that runs a propaganda against Muslims, 5 minutes and it got me furious. You run your own stories tell your own lies. If only everyone could see your truth revealed.


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