Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy wins an Emmy for Pakistan

In a very surprising move, renowned New York Times Pakistani documentary film maker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy won an International Emmy Award in the Current Affairs category at the Frederick P. Rose Hall of Jazz at Lincoln Center, New York for her documentary “Pakistan – Children of the Taliban”. In the documentary she had revealed how the Pakistani Taliban are recruiting increasingly younger fighters from small madrassas in poor neighbourhoods to carry out deadly suicide attacks both inside and outside Pakistan.

The controversial video brought to the forefront some very touching issues and at times exposed some sensitive people to an extent that there are restrictions on the video preventing it to be screened in Pakistan due to the sheer threat it can pose to the people Sharmeen had interviewed during her documentary

The day before, her father died of cancer in the UK where he was undergoing chemotherapy. In Her message, on facebook, following her victory she dedicated her emmy to her father by saying “Tonight’s Emmy win is dedicated to you aba…”

We can only be supportive to her as a nation, mindful of the mixed emotions which she must be going through at this very emotional moment. Sharmeen, may this also inspire us all to go forth despite all the odd with the achievements you achieve one after another. Thank you for making Pakistan so proud.

Source: Ink On The Web Magazine

My comment incase it is not approved on the site:

Sharmeen won an emmy for pakistan…FOR PAKISTAN??? or AGIANST IT?! Relative to your article she has made a documentary on how taliban is recruiting young pakistanis…Yeah well now she has given people a further reason to destroy a part of our country by revealing that…more drone attacks more pressure…its not the award that matters, its the content and reason of that award, and i dont think its worth being proud of…she has now put our country within sights for further destruction….how can we EVER be proud.



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