Salman Taseer Assasination

I know it is old news now. I just wanted to transfer the argument/discussions I had over from my tumblr < > over here since this blog caters to such genre of writing .

The man who Shot Salman Taseermehreenkasana:Aamir Qureshi/AFP-Getty Images

This is the man who killed Salmaan Taseer. Today thousands hail him as a hero. Soon they’ll realize how hideously wrong they were. This isn’t Islam.

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youdbetteroutrunmygun: This is sickening. I’m ashamed of being a Pakistani.


As long as Pakistanis say they are Muslims first and thenPakistanis, this country will get nowhere.

And I am pretty sure that Muhammad(PBUH) would not kill someone who spoke against him. Why would you do this if you call yourself a Muslims and you want to follow your prophet’s teachings?

teemafbaby: What Mubashir said.


What he did was wrong. One should not take the law into ones hand

But if the actions of one person who happens to share the same nationality as you does something like this, and you say you’re ashamed of being a Pakistani.. then something is wrong with you.


Pakistan was founded on Islam, Islam is the identity of our country, Islam is the identity of humanity…you can save a guys ass who went and spoke ill about ALLAH and Muhammad (PBUH) but u wont stand up with the one who followed through with ALLAH’s law…what he did was right, who ever would have done it would have been right! if u say he shouldn’t have taken the law in his own hands is true to a point, would u have condemned if the same act would have been done through someone else’s hands, may it been by the govt or whoever? and we all know that NO ONE would have followed through, the Pakistani govt is biased and is Partial for its partners, may they be criminals…If say Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) wouldn’t have done such and such then you should know Prophets are highly honorable and forgiving people, no one can be compared to them! and even in Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s era, the law of ALLAH was followed upon! Usman Ghani chopped the heads of those who were defiant…Death was Salman Taseer’s fate, may it be today or tomorrow that was his fate. Salman Taseer has died, ALLAH knows if he died a muslim, i wonder how he is faring in his grave, but then again only ALLAH knows….concurring with wrong acts makes u an equal sinner so watch out for what you say…

And to the one who said “As long as Pakistanis say they are Muslims first and then Pakistanis, this country will get nowhere.” you need help. Islam has the best laws, its has rights for everyone and FYI it also has DEMOCRACY! Leaders of each tribe(in past days) were asked to gather opinons from their people and present them, same concept! YOU are going to get nowhere if your identity is defined by the geographic boundaries on the globe, defined by locations on this planet in this life which infact is finite and short. Islam is the identity of humanity, identity of your demeanor, identity of your character. It molds you to be pure. Islam is the best religion and if we be a Muslim country ALL our troubles can go away. a small emphasis, the core of most of our problems, the leading parties taking advantage of their positions and are unjust with Pakistan’s treasury seeking advantages only for themselves and less for the country and for country men…if they follow Islam they would never be unfaithful to the liability they hold, because wrong acts of gaining advantage without lawful reasons are sinful in Islam and are forbidden

Call me a fundamentalist if u please but FYI NO ONE can wholly be part of a belief or faith if they do not follow its fundamentals!

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thecrazyjogger asked: “killing one human is like killing humanity” that also applies here. The road to chaos is when everyone takes the law in his/her own hands. What he did was wrong, one does no go and kill. The basis of the whole drama shit is wrong. The villagers who started this bull were wrong.
From my reading, he heavily criticized the law, not the Prophet PBUH. In matters like this, we should look at the source and not at the biased media who will do nothing but fuel the flames of anger n make more trouble.

Pak justice sys is shit. But one still doesnt take law into his/her own hands

This is a good read btw

Killing innocent is killing humanity…this man was NOT innocent…talking ill about Islamic laws is NOT by far INNOCENT…I can NOT believe you would sit by hearing a man or woman talk ill about our Messenger (PBUH) and ALLAH’s laws! i know i wouldnt!

you say not to look at the biased media whereas your perspective is formed upon READING those media based opinions…all of us are exposed to everythign THROUGH the media but none of our opinions are influenced by them…these are MY thoughts and opinions

none of us know the truth, people claim one thing whereas others claim something else, i have read about assia bibi, her innocence is unproven, assia bibi may be truthful or not, no one knows!…but Salman Taseer’s words are noted and circulated, those are his words and he has said gruesome things. NO ONE HAS A RIGHT to speak such! NO ONE!

FYI one of his offspring is an atheist, that clarifies his strength of his faith! its weak!

This is the end to it all

Surah Maidah verse number 33


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