Tunisia’s Domino Effect

So the Arab world is finding its voice. The masses are speaking up. They are overthrowing leaders that have ruled for decades without a cent of a good outcome. Leader who have been there for their own advantages rather than their peoples’. It began with Tunisia and went on to Egypt. Now Libya and Bahrain are tipping their Dominoes, and I’ve heard a Non-Arab country is attempting to do so too, Morocco I think.

But will you stop to think a while. The two countries that overthrew their leaders are now sitting WITHOUT a regime, without a leader. When you were planning, you should have at least gone through with deciding who you want to overtake. Now the countries sit vulnerable more than ever without a leader. It is dangerous. If they don’t get their act in place, I’m afraid of a massive takeover.

It is good to speak up and let your sentiments be known

But you should follow through and thoroughly and reap the seed you’ve sown.


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