I am a Pakistani and I am thankful to ALLAH for making me one. The recent cricket match between Pakistan and India has left us in despair and lamenting. The crushing loss has left us heart broken. I thought long about it and came to a few conclusions. I also spoke to my father and he had a lot of things to say too.

Before the match a lot of predictions were made. Tarot card readers made predictions, astrologers made predictions, parrots picked out envelops with future predictions and etc. All those predictions said that Pakistan will not only win the match against India it will also win the Cricket World Cup. Our entire nation was rejoicing unconsciously on the win. I for one Alhamdulillah believed that we will win due to the wonderful former performances.

When I was thinking about our loss I thought IF Pakistan would have won, all those predictions would have been poven true! IF thatw ould have happened then those people who chose to listen and unconsiouly believe and hoped would have had their beliefs strengthened. Those who didnt would have begun trusting those predictions. THAT would have been destructive! Being Muslims we all believe that only ALLAH has knowledge of the unseen and unknown. NO ONE can tell what wil happen in the future. Those who claim someone who does or BELIEVE those who say they do commit the unforgivable sin “SHIRK” Shirk means relating someone to ALLAH’s entity or saying someone had such qualities as ALLAH. Knowing the unknown and unseen equals to Shirk. Thus I concluded that Pakistan’s loss saved our faith. ALLAH frbid if we had won, our nation would have become more corrupt than it alreadsy is. So despite wishing that my country would have won, I am happy ALHAMDULILLAH that we lost. Nothign beats faith and the strength of faith.

When I spoke to my dad he had another perspective. As we all know Indians are very hateful towards Pakistanis. And they become very aggressive with their hate. That is why the security of Pakistanis was important. IF Pakistan had won, the Pakistanis who were there to watch the match would have been in danger of losing their lives. The Indians were already becoming rash and rude and yelling profanities at the Pakistani spectators in the stadium ALLAH knows what else could have happened. So in a way ALLAH saved the lives of many.

My father then related a verse of the Quran which I will now post. He told me that it took place in our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ‘s time. The Romans and Persians were at war. The Persians were non believers where as The Romans were Christians thus being closer to Muslims. The Muslims in Madina wished for them to win the battle whereas the non believers in Makkah wanted The Persians to win. The Persians emerged victorious. The Muslims were sad. That is when ALALH sent down the following verses.

“The Roman Empire has been defeated- “ – The Holy Quran [30:2]

“In a land close by; but they, (even) after (this) defeat of theirs, will soon be victorious-“ – The Holy Quran [30:3]

And so The next battle that was fought between The Romans and Persia, The Romans emerged victorious! 🙂

So do not lose hope, everything has a reason best known by ALLAH. Everythign is always for the best. Believe in that, Believe in your faith, Beileve in what you say that ALLAH is The One and Only, The All Knower and All Hearer. HE knows all that is hidden and unknown. ALLAH is the Only One who knows the unknown and unseen. 🙂

Hope this helps you to handle defeat and give you hope. InshALLAH ALLAH will grant us victory next time, inshALLAH!


Source: My Islamic Blog



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