Why do we accuse the west when we are the ones who endorse their culture? Adopt liberal thoughts, mock their ways. Have relationships like it’s no big deal, walk hand in hand, wear revealing clothes; eat in accordance to THEIR etiquettes, (left hand). Dance among everyone shamelessly, entice the opposite gender? Why are their ways appealing to you? Why don’t YOU set examples for them to follow, turn around and make THEM choose modesty over vulgarity, choose the institution of lawful marriages instead of meaningless girlfriend and boyfriend relationships?

Why can’t we inspire them with our ways instead?


4 thoughts on “WHY?…

  1. I disagree…Our ways are NOT difficult to follow.
    It’s ones priorities that need to be reset.
    If one realizes the reason of their presence, the purity in modesty and the tranquility of adopting Islamic (OUR) ways, it won’t be as difficult as it SEEMS.

    Difficulty maybe felt because we are running along with people who are living this life in, who are running the marathon to live THIS life.
    We aren’t meant for this life then why run for it?

    Never back down from what you know is right… stand up for Islam and modesty

  2. I am all for Islam and modesty ofcourse, every sane Muslim is and there are numerous examples in our society which can be followed by both Muslims and Non-Muslims. But who says its easy to follow and only ‘seems’ difficult? It goes against the very nature of a man that is why it is called Jihaad of the nafs, and that is why you have to keep fighting everyone including your OWN selves to follow the deen. There is great reward in it for the SOLE reason that it is NOT easy to follow and Muslims make this effort ONLY for the sake of Allah. That is why its Islam, “submission of will” or die trying.

    A brother with a beard and/or a sister covering in this artificial and superficial society? It is not easy. Remember, Shaitaan said that he will mess up Muslims for little things because they will stay on Imaan. It is a constant battle and even to *understand* this much one requires alot of patience and love towards deen.

  3. There are two things in a human, the body and self which is the nafs and the soul.
    Ones soul is the one that has the connection. Your SELF gives in to worldly temptations, gives in to wants and the glitter it sees, gives in to the easiest path, not to mention all that with Shaitan summoning you. Battling your SELF is different compared to your soul. Your soul often warns you, acts as your conscience, is there when the glitters of this world disappears, is your true definition,
    Every soul born has already testified that Allah is their lord, no soul can deny it. Leave a human out in the desert and he/she will find th path of Islam.
    Islam is the easiest Religion, the True religion, the religion embed in the human soul.

    Temptations, wants those are the reasons that hold us back. If you let loose and let this temporary abode stand behind you, following Islam with be as simple as smiling.
    You only battle temptations when you have them, once you overlook them and the don’t have an influence on you, Islam is NOT AT ALL hard to follow.

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