25th April 2010 You Are Not

When I whispered my secrets, it felt like they got lost in space. There is no significance in your life; nothing matters deeper than shallow, nothing remains longer than a moment, you live oblivious to depth and feeling, to details and meanings. Its a good thing we are no longer close or I would have found that i am attached to a hollow soul.

You are not the kind of friend I want much less need. You are the exact opposite of it. Life to you is nothing, and there is so much more to it than the way you see it. Life has meaning and feelings, friendships and relations and they are meant to be kept and remebered, not forgotten and abandoned. If i choose never to say hello to you again, you will never even remember I had been there. You wont forget; people who make an impression in your life, who are recognized to have been there are the ones who are remembered or forgtten. I was just the passing season of last year, one that came and has now gone, without presence felt or missed, without memories having been built or ever having been lived. I am just a season past.

You are not the friend I want…And so today I shall vow to never say hello and bury all I thought I knew. I’ll let you dissolve and never remember anything at all…

You Are Not The Friend I Want


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