We are 3-D

Who are you? Or rather what are you? What makes up this person you are? This homogeneous creation of Allah, comprised of more than the eye can see or the mind can perceive yet contained in a single vessel. But despite what the eye can see or the mind can perceive, there is more behind the walls of the unseen. What the eye sees is more than just that, it’s the mind that perceives and judges, the one that composes personas categorizing them in spaces our mind creates, dressing them in characters of our thoughts’ façade, connecting and storing their memory in cognizance to our emotions.

3-Dimensional, a term for the new age for the discretion of dimensions and yet using those same words I can present you with a glimpse into us. The body, the mind and the spirit, our three dimensions. We quite easily grasp what the mind and body is and what it entails, yet just as easily we overlook the last but most significant part that comprises us, the spirit. We seek to obtain judgement from both or either of our aspects but choose to be uninformed about our last. Why does that occur though, have you ever thought? Why is metaphysics so insignificant to us?
In theory perhaps, one faces difficulty in accepting things that are incomprehensible. As is the holistic comprehension of spirituality. One can see the tangible, and witness the intelligence but one fails in connecting to the spiritual being entirely oblivious to the fact that much of us is spiritual. Our emotions, our character, our principles all has link with our spirituality, none of any have presence in proof yet are collective in the entire existence.

What attention calls for is to bring to the forefront the fact that if uninformed about our soul we shall remain devoid of the greatest occupation of our being. Examining an instance of a 2-D persona reveals the following. Our bodily needs initiate from nourishment, shelter and clothing; our mental needs comprise of comprehension of use and execution and further. Our mental sphere facilitates the manner of accomplishment and execution and our physical sphere requires attention for survival. An accomplished person in just these two spheres would be drawn thus, ‘An intelligent, well nourished and healthy individual’. None of the above would grant emotional  fulfillment if the spiritual facet wouldn’t be, but it does grant a feeling of happiness and fulfillment therefore our spiritual aspect has greater possession of us. What we should realize is that our spiritual face colors majority of us; our values, principles, ethics, aesthetics which would have no existence if not for our spirituality.

An additional emphasis is that each sphere of our being has an effect on the other. Take in retrospect the state of being emotionally bothered and during that state of unease being confronted with dire decisions. We would never be able to do that solution justice. With our emotional sphere colliding with our mental, neither of either would function properly. The reason being so is because of our cohesive order. We are structured in all aspects as a cohesive being built with an array of components. Thus, like a well-oiled machine, if any of our element is out of order, it would most definitely impact the other. It is impossible to place any of our 3 components as secular

Another rising realization is that value lies in wealth of character rather than wealth of possessions. Character stems from our spirituality and is built upon manners, virtues and morality. It is no cringe worthy conversation in today’s modern society. The only absence in today’s philosophy of empowering the body, the mind is empowering the soul. Empowerment of the soul is a mighty weapon and armor. It not only shields from immorality but also encounters and abolishes the roots of them. Empowering the soul is the strongest intellect you can possess. Empowering your spirituality has a direct correlation to your heart, emotions and demeanor. It is the essence of the true value we receive as beings. Development of spiritual cognizance makes one constantly conscious of their acts and words. The greater good one reaps from it is protecting people in your company from the ill that immorality could afflict.

The above is an abridged mention of the monumental subject under observation. There are many paths to explore in the context of  this scape. Recognizing our spiritual sphere is just an initiation as realization is the first step to any process. In this aspect it is an entrance towards the realization of a lot of other things that are left in between the distance.


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